April 25, 2024

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Know all the Koh Samet beaches

oh Samet Is Just One of The absolute most well-known islands because of its proximity to the capital Bangkok, thus avoiding having to take a plane or have most kilometers. This area may cover some of those Koh Samet beaches on the island.

Launched the Koh Samet guide
HatSaiKaew Seaside
It’s called Playa Diamante. It’s the Largest of all, and using this title, much better benefits were expected, such as for instance white sands and transparent waters.

It’s Found just over 10 minutes walk from the pier and also contains Plenty of restaurants and pubs too as here
Fifteen minutes From the dock is that the calm oceans of AoHinKok, a beach that is bigger compared to past one particular and slightly more enjoyable. The place is a backpacker’s paradise.
AoTubtim is half an hour away on foot away from The pier and can be a wonderful beach to inquire into the remaining portion of the beaches to the north and south. It is quite serene and quiet and of a exact rocky cosmetic.
It really is Characterized by having an odd rockiness, it’s extremely isolated, and it isn’t simple to swim in its oceans because of that rockiness. It really is 35 minutes from the pier.
It is a little bay and difficult to get. It Can be forty minutes out of the pier.
It’s an Immediate entrance by boat;

it is Little and Appealing, it’s little Supermarkets, stores, and bars. Even the most frequently made sports are practiced .
It’s a place of ​​wealthy individuals. It’s the Most complex and expensive tourist complex over the island.
AoPrao Seaside
It is situated On the top coast of Koh Samet. Usually called paradise bay With all of the splendor of superior waters and white sands, having a peaceful atmosphere and an amazing shore, this beach is one of the greatest there is.
Kohsametferries.com Includes a Lot more information about the characteristics of the shores. Among them a Koh Samet guide